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Healthcare - EHR

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Web-based Electronics Health Records (EHR)

We have gained expertise in developing the best solutions to boost the patient's safety, manage chronic illness and improve the efficiency of practice. The key functions of an EHR are to manage medical history, a patient's prescribed care and health-related information in digital format rather than traditional paper files.

Being an expert for developing healthcare solutions, we have introduced products with innovative features, real-time workflow, and the latest technologies. It allows to track every activity related to patient's health while reforming workflow. As a result, it improves practical efficiency and provides easy access to patient's health record via user-friendly and intuitive features/functionalities.

Web-based EHR is designed to cater your needs and specialty. It is a web-based solution and decrease your spend on expensive hardware installation or maintenance while having a worldwide login access. Additionally, its deployment options provide flexibility to meet the demands of multiple locations with data sharing needs.

EHR is exclusively designed by professionals with decades of experience in developing jail management system and healthcare solutions. It accounts for the unique demands of serving patient’s populations with strict, regulatory and legal liabilities.

Android App

In this fast growing technological world, we provide multiple options for our clients to expand their business in user-friendly way to manage medical data of their patients. EHR android application can be accessed in offline as well as online mode to run the business more smoothly and efficiently. Data is synced to device and from device to system in a secure way during the transfer process. Key features of Android App are medication run, standing orders, treatment run, Sick call, assessment, special housing, TB/TPD test etc.

Key Features

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Assessments
  • Disease Management
  • Health Summary
  • Sick Call
  • Encounter / Doctor Call
  • Progress Notes
  • Vital Signs
  • Task Tracking / Work Flow
  • Pill Cart Auditing
  • Meal & Diet Plan
  • Care / Treatment Plan
  • Inventory Management
  • Finger-print, Barcode Support
  • Insurance Checking
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